Pharmacy in Holland Landing, ON

At Hollands Family Pharmacy, we empower our patients to live healthy and active lives by providing personalized, compassionate, holistic care. We believe that Feeling Better Starts Here.

When you step into our Hollands Family Pharmacy, you get the best of both worlds: expert up-to-date advice and health care knowledge, but with personalized patient care.

Taking care of your health is important, and your pharmacist can help you in many more ways than you may know! Check out what else we can do for you. There are many new services that HOLLANDS FAMILY PHARMACY is offering.

General Services

• Easy Prescription transfer
• Home Health Care
• Diabetic Products & Services
• Free Prescription Delivery
• Medication reviews
• Travel Clinic
• Flu vaccination
• Covid Vaccination
• Travel vaccination
• Online refills
• All drug plans accepted

Why Choose Us

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Wide Selection of Products
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction